The Original Cozy: A Fleece Poncho Wearable Blanket with Hood and Pocket

You want to feel warm and cozy, and you also want to look great doing it whether your are in your living room or on the go!  Our hooded fleece poncho jacket is just the thing.  Imagine:  the temperature is going down, and your heating bill is going up.  Your thermostat is set a couple of degrees below comfortable, and you are chilly.

Your chores aren't done because you don't want to leave the warm confines of your not-quite-so wearable blanket, and you know that if you get up off the couch it will fall off your shoulders and bring a nasty cold draft down with it.  Or, you need to go outside to get to the mailbox but don't want to wear a blanket in public, where actual people can see you.  Never worry about being seen by others when wearing our designer fleece poncho!  It's even got a cowl neck that turns into a hood, and generous front pocket.  No bitter wind will reach the back of your neck in the Original Cozy.

Let us keep you snug and looking great wherever you are!  Our Original Cozy is a fleece poncho / wearable blanket that doesn't fall off your shoulders when you get up off the couch to go to the bathroom. It keeps both your front and your back warm, and our happy customers report that the remote control works through the front pocket.

Don't pay more to heat your house during a chilly spell, spend the money on our oversized fleece poncho that will keep you toasty warm outside your house too!  You are going to look great and be cozy too if you Buy Now.