Hi, it’s Laurie here from XOL Design. I am a handmade manufacturer of apparel in Rhode Island. I love to take classic/vintage looks and re-imagine them in a fresh way while updating the design to fit most people. I design for everybody, and every body.
My great-grandmother taught me to knit and quilt as a child, and I still love to do that. Creating knit fabric and making garments is how I learned basic principles of design and fit. When my daughter was a baby it was easy to knit most of her clothes. Then she started growing up too fast, so I went back to sewing so I could keep up. With my sewing machine out on the table, it became easier to tailor my own clothes as well.
After an injury that took me out of Corporate America for several months, I noticed that I was getting stopped on the street by strangers asking me how they could get the fleece poncho I was wearing. People would tell me that wearing it felt like a warm hug, that it helped kiss the chills away, and how much they loved it. That’s why I named the business XOL.
Today I offer more items than that first fleece poncho, but all of the items have this in common: versatility. All of the garments feature a relaxed and comfortable fit and have a style that looks (and is) effortless. I love things that can be worn more than one way, worn more than one season of the year, fit a busy mom and free spirit lifestyle, and look great while doing it.
See something you like but have a question about it? Send us a message!  https://www.xoldesign.com/pages/contact-us.