Winterport Wrap Fleece Poncho with Funnel Neck in Boho Floral Medallion

This is one of our Winterport Wraps with a funnel neck. The inspiration for it came from a customer named Suzanne, who was one of our first customers and also the one that bestowed a compliment that makes us smile just as wide all these years later.
This is a fleece poncho that's a bit lighter than our Original Cozy, but made with the same extra-soft premium fleece that our customers have come to expect from us. You can thank Suzanne if you already have one, because she was the one who suggested a fleece poncho shorter in length and with less of cowl neck would be awesome. It took us a few months to perfect the design, but we released it last fall and now it's one of our more popular products.
You can view the collection here.