Vital Information about how to care for your cloth face mask

We use only the highest quality 100% premium cotton for our
cloth face masks, and lightweight super-stretchy elastic designed to go behind your head for maximum comfort and save your ears from skin irritation.

The best way to care for your mask is to machine wash cold/tumble dry low. You can use an iron to smooth any wrinkles and further heat sanitize it, but even the CDC (current guidance) indicates a machine wash with detergent is enough. Extreme heat will damage the elastic over time, so be sure to keep that dryer temperature low and avoid directly ironing the elastic itself.

We wanted to publicly address a few of the questions we've heard from our customers:

Do NOT put your cloth face mask in the microwave or the oven. This goes for any fabric mask, regardless of where you got it. You could start a fire. Please stay safe!

Do NOT add iron-on interfacing to your cloth face mask. Interfacing is a synthetic fiber product that bonds to itself and fabric with glue. Interfacing is used to stiffen fabric while cutting and sewing. It was never meant to be something you keep next to your nose and try to breathe through.

Do NOT experiment with HEPA filters or vacuum cleaner bag filters. These filters are meant to work with machines, not people. Same goes for dryer sheets, blue shop towels, baby wipes, synthetic felt, and the like. Those products were never intended to become something for a human to breathe through, and there are no current medical studies supporting their use with cloth face masks.

Be careful out there. If you purchased from us, you can be confident that you got a premium product at an affordable price.