Style vs. Fashion

Often the movie "10 Things I Hate About You" comes to mind when we try to describe the difference between style versus fashion, and how the difference applies to what we do here at XOL Design.

To us, the difference between style and fashion is akin to the difference between love versus like.  We think Bianca said it best:  "...I like my Skechers but I love my Prada backpack..."

Style goes beyond clothes.  Style is less technical than fashion because it's an overall impression.  It's repeatable, in that perhaps you choose your clothing from a particular color palette.  Personal style transcends fashion, because it's ever-present and an extension of your uniqueness.  Your personal style informs how others perceive you.  

Function is the less sexy half of style.  Think of clothes you wear to work and how they are different from what you like to wear for leisure.  Are you dressing for climate, or comfort?  

Is it you, or the clothes?  Fashionistas project external trends.  The emphasis is on the clothes and accessories. People with style, however, project themselves.  The emphasis is on the person, not what they are wearing.

Here at XOL Design we design for style and function, not fast fashion.  We don't do disposable clothes because...that's not our style.

We make the clothing you want to make memories in.